At the 3rd Meeting of the Steering Committee recently done in Abidjan on the 12th of October, Nigeria and Cameroon requested to join the initiative of improving global Cocoa production. Their request which was submitted to the Cote d’Ivore – Ghana Cocoa Initiative (CIGCI), a joint body spear heading the interest of the two countries in the Cocoa trade was acknowledged by the head of the initiative Alex Asanvo. Representatives of Nigeria were the Minister of State for Agriculture ably represented by Engr. Akeju Olagbaju and the Desk Officer of the Cocoa Value Chain of the Ministry Mr. Tobaba Ajayi.

Representative of the Minister of State for Agriculture, Engr. Akeju Olagbaju making emphasis for the Nigerian Cocoa.

Minister of State for Agriculture, Engr Akeju Olagbaju emphasized that the combination of the both countries will ensure that two-third of Cocoa production will be boosted. He also stated that this request will help put Cocoa price at a decent variable as this will help stabilize price trend across the region.

Desk Officer Cocoa Value Chain, Mr Ajayi Tobaba at the event.

Desk Officer Cocoa Value Chain, Mr Tobaba Ajayi said this was a move in the right direction to ensure that Nigerian Cocoa status was protected.