1.1       The workshop was organized by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development against the background that extension workers were not well informed on the recent technological advancement in yam production and its value chain.  At the  end of the workshop, participants were now equipped with better knowledge on the new technologies in clean seed yam production and how to carry out extension services using ICTs in dealing with yam farmers for food security in the face of COVID – 19 era. It was held on 25th February, 2021 at the Root and Tuber Expansion Programme headquarters, Ijebu-Ife, Ogun state.

1.2       The workshop was attended by over 50 persons drawn from the State ADPs and FMARD of the South West state Offices, In attendance were  Engr. Dr. Machus Ogunbiyi, Regional Director, South West who represented Mrs K. I. Babangida, Director Federal Department of Agriculture;  Mr. Taiwo D. Lordbanjou, Programme Manager, Root and Tuber Expansion Programme (RTEP); Engri Ganiyu Oseni, FMARD Ogun State Cordinator; Prof. Malachy O. Akoroda, University of Ibadan; Prof. B.O. Lawal, Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Moor Plantation, Ibadan; Mr. Adebisi, RTEP, Ijebu Ife, Mr. Mbang, RTEP, Ijebu Ife Dr. Perpetua Iyere-Usiahon, FMARD, Abuja amongst others.

Opening Ceremony

The welcome address was by Mr. Taiwo D. Lordbanjou, Programme Manager, Root and Tuber Expansion Programme (RTEP);, Ijebu –Ife, Ogun State. In his address, he welcomes participants to RTEP especially those of them who are visiting the place for the first time. He noted that yam production has gone through a lot of transformation in recent times and extension workers need to acquaint themselves of the latest technology in order to advise the farmers properly. He went further to say that under COVID -19, extension workers have not been able to meet with farmers as regularly as they should but that this technology instruments without having physical contact with farmers.

Keynote Address

The keynote address was by Mrs. K. I. Babangida, Director, Federal Department of Agriculture ably represented by Engr. Dr. Machus Ogunbiyi, FMARD Regional Director, South West region.In her address, she noted that the extension workers have great role to play in this period of COVID – 19 pandemic and that this training should be able to appraise the extension delivery services in agricultural transformation with great interest in yam value chain development. Effective extension service delivery is key to boosting agricultural productivity, increasing food security, improving rural livelihoods, and promoting agriculture as an engine of pro-poor economic growth. Therefore, it becomes necessary to organize this workshop.

Technical Section

Cross sections of participants.


The paper looked at the yam production in Africa and dove tailed into Nigeria and noted that the rate of yield increase between 2001 and 2010 (a period of 9 years) was only 1.2% while area gained between 2017 and 2019 (a period of 2 years) stood at  1% and said that this calls for serious concern. She noted that in Nigeria, yam has the potential to produce 60 tons/ha, but what is achievable is 30 – 40 tons/ha while the current actual farmer field is less than 10 tons/ha. With Recent Advancements in Seed Propagation Technologies in yam which includes; Furthermore, the extension workers were requested to equip themselves with the recent technology in order to advise the farmers appropriately for sustainable food security and wealth creation. In addition, she noted that among the recent technology, was the production of yam and bamboo tree, waist pipes etc as soil medium for production of seed yam.

2. Absence of Extension Services and its Impact on Yam Value Chain Transformation for Food Security by Prof. Malachy Akoroda.

The paper noted that in 2013, Nigeria has the Potential to realize N40 trillion from agriculture but could only achieve N15 trillion and for Nigeria to meet up with the expected income from agriculture, yam farmers  should hold at least  5 ha compared to the  1.5 ha that was common. He informed that Extension workers visit should be both on periodic, across crop period and along the value chains. 

Prof Malachy Akoroda giving his lecrure.

Registration of Participants at the training.